A Travel Day Up the Coast

We have just returned from Santa Barbara by way of Ojai. For those of you who don’t know, Ojai is 25 miles south of Santa Barbara and 12 miles east of Ventura.


We spent part of the day organizing our storage bins in Ojai – a tough job that was helped by the sunny/breezy/not too hot or cold weather today. The other half of the day was spent in Santa Barbara visiting one of our estate clients. We were settling up with her on recent sales and making adjustments in prices for pieces that we continue to market for her.

On the way home this evening, we stopped in Carpinteria (just north of Ventura) at Zookers Cafe (5404 Carpinteria Avenue) for a little supper. We’d never been there before and didn’t know what to expect, but I must say that they produced a delicious turkey meatloaf on a plate with freshly steamed vegetable and mashed potatoes. I would recommend this small restaurant if you happen to be in Carpinteria. Lots of patrons, but not too busy or noisy. Excellent food without a lot of fuss.

inside zookers220121130-1864-dmqr9j-0_original

We just arrived home at almost 10 pm. We left at 7 this morning, and we were up even earlier. I am now headed off to bath and bed.

Hooray for the small pleasures in life.

I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.


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