Ray and I worked today, but not quite as hard as usual. After all the activity over the past while, it felt good to just relax a bit and do only what absolutely needed to be done.

Holy Week alone could have prompted a need for rest. As an acolyte, I was only one of many who participated in multiple services this past week. Ray, my supportive spouse, attended more than he might have if left to his own devices. (Well, it was his devices that got him there since I didn’t insist he come.) He not only made it to two Stations of the Cross, but also the Vigil Mass on Saturday night and the 10:30 mass on Sunday morning. So, needless to say, that is a lot of church for him and even more for me. Alas…one reason to be tired, though the whole experience was well worth the effort at least for me (and I think for him, as well).

Then we had our beloved granddaughter’s birthday party on Saturday. That was an all-day event in itself, albeit a fun and relaxing one.

Plus last weekend we had our big garage sale for the remnants of the five estates we’ve handled over the past 6 or 7 months. I love garage sales, but they are a lot of work.

Oh yes, and then there have been those 6 or 7 estates we have handled. Again, this has been interesting and gratifying work, but it is work, nonetheless.

Plus, for Ray’s supervisory part, we have Ojai, where we have been making our orange grove more people friendly with added utilities, and Texas, where work has been on-going for an apartment that is going into our Victorian and also on the Airstream we bought a few months back, which is almost ready to bring out and put in the orange grove.

And then there are my students. Aw, but my students are a real pleasure so it’s hard to count them. Plus, my load is lighter after college essay season. Currently, I am mainly helping with term papers for high school, college and graduate students, plus teaching my online “Flash Fiction/Memoir” class.  Still, this is time spent working and not relaxing and that can add to the load after a while.

Hence the need for rest.

This evening I am wrapping up my blog early and heading in to our bedroom to stare at television for the rest of the evening. That is a primary chill-out activity for both of Ray and me and I am eager to shift to that mode.

So, between a more relaxed day and an even more relaxed evening, I think I’ll get my batteries recharged. I expect Ray will, too.

Bed and television, here I come.

I hope all of you are having a lovely evening, as well.

We’ll talk tomorrow.



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