Luna’s Second Birthday Party

Yesterday was granddaughter Luna’s 2nd birthday. She is still young enough that she didn’t quite register that all this attention was for her. Still, the whole event was fun and full of lovely people. Here are a few pictures of Luna’s Bash.

Luna and Two of her Buddies

Luna & Two Buddies

Luna’s First Cousin, Daniel


Luna’s Paternal Grandmother


Luna’s Uncle Danny manning the pinata rope

Danny manning the pinata rope

Luna and the Pinata

luna and Pinata

Grandpa and Tio “Baby” before the Party

Ray and Jose before party

Liz, Luna and Me

Liz, Luna and Me

Gregorio, Sarah and a Tired Luna

sarah, g, and Luna

Luna’s Godfather, Casey, and Ray

ray and casey

Omar Getting His Birthday Cake, Too.

Omar's cake

Luna with Auntie Liz and Auntie Rachael

Liz, Luna and Rachael eating

Group Shot

Group shot

Daniel and Pinata

danny and pinata

Henry with the Pinata

henry and pinata1

Teddy with the pinata

teddy and the pinata

Rachael, Alana, and Maya

Rachael, et al

Julie, Omar, William and Jose

group g's friends

Liz, Rachael and Luna after the Easter Egg Hunt

Liz, Rachael and Luna

Sarah, Gregorio, Luna and Omar

omar w: s, g, l

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