I have just concluded one of those days that had about twenty different moving parts, ranging from packing up packages for eBay to communicating with my students for an online flash fiction class I’m teaching to having a big meeting with the contractor regarding a renovation project we are overseeing to having another meeting with one of our clients about details related to finishing up her estate, to spending the evening reading books with my granddaughter Luna in her bedroom.

It has been a full and rich day, which has challenged me to stay flexible. I am grateful that I am still able “to bend like the willow.” Some of the most interesting parts of my life have come after I relinquished my need to control everything and everyone around me. The absence of control actually allows room for life to sneak in!

Sleep well, my friends. I hope you’ve had a day that has pushed you out of your comfort zone and into the world.

See you tomorrow.


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