A Welcome Discovery Related to Writing

Today I worked on my novel. I have discovered an excellent way to get this done during the week when I often have trouble finding time for my writing. I have a writing friend – one of my former students who has since graduated from college with a writing degree – who comes every week to see me. Over the past few weeks, he and I have decided upon a new approach to our time together. In the past, we would read what we had worked on during the week and get a critique from the other. Now, we have decided instead to actually write while we’re together, saving just a little time at the end for a quick critique and a bit of encouragement.

To say this is a brilliant idea is an understatement. We are both thrilled to have this time reserved solely for writing. He arrives and we spend five minutes catching up on the week, then we spend the next 1 1/2 hours writing. The only sounds in the room are the tapping of computer keys (my friend) and the scribbling of a pen on paper (me).

The important thing is that we both know that no matter what else happens during the week to crowd up our schedules, this time we share is devoted to writing.

Why has it taken me this long to come up with this plan? Who knows, but I am just happy I have stumbled upon it at last.

At this rate, I will have a completed novel in about a year and a half. That is assuming I do nothing but write during this time. I believe I’ll write more, of course, as the story gains momentum.

My only word for this discovery is hooray.

Sleep well, my friends. I plan to do the same. We’ll be talking again tomorrow.


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