Garage Sale Preparation

I am preparing for a garage sale on Saturday. This is not just any garage sale but the remnants of the last five estates we’ve been handling. Remnants meaning all the extra stuff that comes with an estate after we’ve combed through it for the eBay items, the private collector items, and the antique mall items. That still leaves lots of great stuff, all of which is coming out of boxes and being placed on tables in my back driveway.

Who knew the temperature here in LA was going to hit 90 this week? Alas, that is part of the process with a garage sale – taking chances on weather. At least there is no rain in the forecast, though we need rain so badly, I couldn’t even begrudge rain if it were in the forecast.

The garage sale begins at 9 (Beverly Hills rules) and will go until 6. We will have lots of goodies for reasonable prices. The goal of this sale is to clean out this accumulation, so the prices will be set to accomplish just that. If you have any interest in coming, then send an email to and I’ll give you my address.

On that note, I am headed for bed. It is supposed to get really hot tomorrow so I am getting up early to beat the heat. I have more boxes to unpack.

No early callers, please. We will be bringing in more merchandise all the way through Friday so we don’t want to pre-sell.

Hope to see you on Saturday.


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