Ray’s Belated Birthday Celebration

Today, our family celebrated Ray’s birthday (a few days late) by having a picnic on the grounds of the Train Museum at Griffith Park. The goal was to have a relaxed afternoon all together in a place that might be especially fun for Ray and Luna. Here are a few pictures to commemorate our day. Unfortunately, Rachael was the photographer for most of the photos and, hence, is not in any of them. I don’t know how I let that happen! But, thank you, Rachael, for serving as our memory-keeper for this event.

Our Picnic Lunch

Ray's birthday1

Ron, Liz, Ray and Luna on Train Ride

train ride

Waving at Rachael, Sarah and Gregorio from the Train


Len, Luna and Ray near Trains

l, r, and l

  This was a very low-key birthday for a bunch of folks who have been working hard lately.  We all enjoyed lounging on the sleeping bags, strolling by the trains, people-watching and riding the mini-train around the park. Slow, simple and relaxed. Ray seemed pleased. ‘Nuf said.

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