KPCC’s Sunday Afternoon

Am I the only person who listens to KPCC on Sunday afternoon when they have “The Moth Radio Hour” from 2pm – 3pm followed by “Snap Judgment” from 3 to 4, then “Radiolab” from 4 – 5? These three programs are mesmerizing. The first two have true stories at their core, while Radiolab describes itself as a show about curiosity. You can find these on Sunday afternoon at 89.9 on your FM radio dial and I promise you will not be disappointed. These stories will move you.

I believe there are podcasts of all these shows as well.

Of course, then there is “This American Life” with Ira Glass, which has some of the best real-life stories on radio.

Check it out. All of these programs are well worth the time it will take to listen.

Here is the link to “This American Life” just to get you hooked:

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