Luna’s Day

I am one tired Grandma tonight.

Luna arrived early and stayed late and gave me a run for my money. She couldn’t have been sweeter, but she is one ball of energy. We played inside, outside, upside down and cooked and ate and explored and bathed with only one 30 minute nap over the entire 12 hour day.

Her mother arrived for a rare visit since she has started her residency and the truth is that I fell asleep at least twice while she was chatting with Ray and me. Ah, how in the world did I juggle three kids plus a job plus running a household when I was younger? I believe now the truth is that at that time I was perpetually tired. Just like Sarah looked tonight – and just how so many young parents look when their kids are under five.

Of course, I am already looking forward to Luna’s next visit. I can always sleep, after all; I can’t always have the pleasure of spending a whole day with my little beloved granddaughter.

And now i plan to stumble into bed.

Good night to all.


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