A Late Evening Tonight/An Early Morning Tomorrow

It is 11:18 pm and I just finished my evening’s work: working with a student for an hour and a half, then editing my online students’ flash fiction submissions for Week One of the “Writing Short” class I am teaching for Story Circle Network. I have to hurry off to bed soon because Ray and I are due to go pick up little Luna Pacheco Beaty at 7:15 tomorrow morning in Highland Park. Her daddy needs to leave for work by 7:30 and her mother will have already left to go to the hospital before we get there. We will need to leave by 6:30 am to get there on time.

Auntie Rachael, Luna’s current nanny, is at an Honors Weekend at Chapman University for the new law students who have received scholarships. I believe this is the law school’s effort to wine and dine these scholarship winners in hopes they will come to Fowler School of Law at Chapman. The deadline to accept Chapman’s offer is 4/15. Anyway, Rachael’s absence gives Grandpa and Grandma a chance to spend all day with their grand baby, so nobody is complaining in our house this evening.

I will bid you all adieu for the evening. I’ll be up by 6 so we can leave by 6:30. That hour will be here in no time the way time is flying at this point in my life. I swear it was just two weeks ago about two minutes ago.

Sleep well, my friends. I’ll take some pictures of our sweet Luna tomorrow so I can share them with you.

Until then…

time flies

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