Learning A Bit About Israel’s History

One of my UCLA students and I have been working all afternoon on a research paper which focuses on the central question, “What impact did the 1967 Six Day War have on Israel’s political, social and security policies?”

My student just left after six hours. He will be returning very early in the morning to resume.

At church today we had a visiting rabbi. I mentioned the topic of the paper and he said, “Oh my, that is a complicated question.”

I don’t believe I appreciated quite how complicated until we began to research articles that enumerated the many social, political and security shifts that came from that very short war.

I am happy to be learning about these events in history. I will have more information to help understand the current (and ongoing) Israeli/Arab tensions. Of course, I am aware that my small brush with this info isn’t enough to develop a crystal clear picture, but I certainly know more now than I did six hours ago.

On that note, I’ll close. I’ll be rising early to greet my student. He has promised to bring me a nonfat latte in exchange for our early morning session.

I hope everyone had a relaxed and fun Sunday. For those of you who had to work like me, well, I hope you learned a few new bits of information today, too. That keeps the brain flexible and life more interesting.

Until tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Learning A Bit About Israel’s History”

  1. There is an Episcopal bishop by the name of Spong who has shown that the Gospels were sermons preached by Jews in Synagogues to try to share the message of Jesus with his countrymen. Did not work…they were kicked out!

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