FaceTime with Luna

I have officially moved into the modern age. I used FaceTime for the first time tonight to communicate with my almost two-year-old granddaughter, Luna. Well, actually, my son-in-law arranged the call and my daughter, Sarah, officiated, but Luna spent at least 20 minutes showing me all her toys and books via the telephone screen. This was my maiden voyage on FaceTime and I must say it’s quite an innovation.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a restaurant where I watched a young woman at a nearby table prop her phone up against a water-glass and proceed to chat for her entire meal with someone on the other side of the screen. She laughed, talked, ate, talked, drank, talked and acted pretty much as if that person was sitting right there at the table with her. I half expected to see her order her dinner-mate a plate of food.

Now that I have seen how FaceTime works, I can see how nice it could be to bridge the gap between here and there. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and seeing Luna’s sweet little face with her eager eyes truly warmed my heart. So much better than just hearing her voice; though, I do love hearing, “Grandma! Look, Grandma!”

So, thank you, dear son-in-law, for arranging our visual communication this evening. I can see this is an ideal way for me to talk with my little granddaughter when I need just a little visual to go with sound.

Ah, the smart phone age has certainly changed our world. I remember when a handwritten letter was the only form of communication besides the phone. Heck, I remember when people actually received telegrams for news that was urgent.

I love many of these new inventions. I might as well, they have become our way of life. I still, however, enjoy a day without a phone near by. Call me old-fashioned, but there are moments when being out of immediate touch is quite a respite.

But tonight was not one of those times. Tonight, seeing little Luna’s face was a definite treat.

Sleep well, friends. I will check back in tomorrow.

Until then, remember FaceTime can bring someone far fairly near. That is just plain cool.


One thought on “FaceTime with Luna”

  1. Progress really is awesome. Luna is such a precious treasure. ❤ ❤ Now you can talk to her / see her more often.
    When I was in China last year a woman (from somewhere in North America) made a Skype or FaceTime call to her family back home. I wished I had thought to learn about that before I'd left on my trip.

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