Oscar Night

During the broadcast, the street outside my window was deserted, but now cars are beginning to move up and down, no doubt taking party-goers to one gala or another. We live between Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard and our street ends up being a major route for limos heading into BH or Weho.

We had rain this afternoon and evening. I suspect that was inconvenient for many arriving in their evening gowns and tuxedos to the awards ceremony. Ray said they had erected a giant tent so people didn’t get wet. I can still hear the pitter-patter of raindrops. At this point, I suspect people are more relaxed and not nearly as concerned about how they look. After all, the cameras, for the most part, are now off.

I am pleased that Birdman received such recognition along with Julianne Moore for Ask Alice, Patricia Arquette for Boyhood and J.K. Simmons for Whiplash. I haven’t seen Eddie Redmayne’s work yet in The Theory of Everything, but you can bet that I will. It was kind of nice to see the nominations and awards spread around a bit this year.

We participate in an Oscar pool with some friends and I know right now that Ray and I did not win. Hopefully, Liz’s boyfriend’s mother, Cindy, will take home the big bucks once the votes are all tallied. She apparently had a record number of right predictions.

Our priest, Father Ian Davies, attended the Oscar ceremony this evening with one of our parishioners, who is an actor, Michael Ensign. I am hopeful they will both have some fun tales to tell of their time rubbing elbows with the stars. A few years back, Father Davies found himself chatting with Johnny Depp during a cigarette break.

Yes, the traffic is picking up outside. The cars are zipping by at quite a pace. Rushing from one party to another, perhaps.

I must admit I am perfectly happy to be snug in my bed. I appreciate the concept of this awards show – honoring the best films and actors from this past year – but I am perfectly happy watching the whole thing from the vantage point of my bed.

On that note, I will close. I am eager to turn off the lights and enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain.


4 thoughts on “Oscar Night”

  1. Ha! Well, if it makes you feel any better, we waited and watched it so we could zip through anything we weren’t interested in. Plus I didn’t see the first half since we were otherwise occupied.

  2. Ir was definitely worth watching, even though I had never seen any of the movies. I even stayed up till the program was over–definitely longer than i thought it would be–but splendid, splendid, I recognized a couple of the players and did you notice they were definitely not aged. More power to them.

    Cold, cold here today. Not desirable. Of course, having lived in Nebraska, I shouldn’t be complaining about cold Texas.


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