Movie Night: A Perfect Valentine’s Day “Date”

Ray and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day by staying home, watching movies and relaxing. Heaven.

We just finished watching a puzzling movie entitled “The One I Love” that stars Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass, who is currently starring in a TV series we both like called, “Togetherness.” The only other actor in the movie is Ted Danson. The director, Charlie McDowell, is the son of Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell. Clearly, this film involved a joint family effort. It debuted at Sundance in 2014.

The film’s premise is odd from the start – I can’t even tell you since it’s a major part of the plot – and the ending was slightly confusing. Still, it was filmed in OJai, which was a treat for us since that is where our orange grove is located and we are very fond of that area. Plus, both Moss and Duplass do an incredibly good job of portraying not one, but two different characters each. While the plot is overly complex from my point-of-view, there are some scenes that show some honest emotion, particularly related to the vicissitudes of marriage.

Now we are going to watch another of Mark Duplass’s movies called “Safety Not Guaranteed.” We’ll see how this one fares. Ray recorded this movie, but the other one we watched on Roku.

The gist of this evening is that our Valentine’s Day celebration is just perfect. In bed, relaxed, watching movies and feeling content.


Talk tomorrow, friends.


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