Great Article on Flash Fiction from The Review Review

This is a great article on flash fiction, which includes a definition along with helpful hints.  This is well worth reading. Enjoy!


Flash Fiction: What’s It All About?

By Becky Tuch

Flash Fiction: Stories under 2,000 words. Seems easy enough, right? Just get rid of rambling digressions, eliminate flashbacks, cut extraneous descriptions and presto! Mini-fiction nuggets!

Actually, there’s a lot more to flash fiction than one might initially realize. Part poetry, part narrative, flash fiction–also known as sudden fiction, micro fiction, short short stories, and quick fiction—is a genre that is deceptively complex. At the same time, writing these short shorts can be incredibly rewarding. Distilling experience into a few pages or, in some cases a few paragraphs, forces writers to pay close attention to every loaded conversation, every cruel action, every tender gesture, and every last syllable in every single word.

Read the whole article here:


5 thoughts on “Great Article on Flash Fiction from The Review Review”

  1. Hi Len. This is Becky Tuch, editor of The Review Review. I’m glad you found this article helpful. We did not give you permission, however, to re-post it in entirety. I would appreciate if you would excerpt the article and then link it back to its original source, which is The Review Review. Thank you.

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