The Movie: “A Most Violent Year”

This movie, which stars Oscar Isaaks (Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex Machina, In Secret, etc) and Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life, The Help, etc.) chronicles the life of an immigrant and his wife who run a heating oil company in 1982 in New York City, a violent year in the city’s history. Isaacs play a man driven to take the high road despite many provocations to take up the gangster ways of his competitors.

This movie is superbly acted and has many unexpected twists and turns.  I would highly recommend it.

Here is the movie poster:




5 thoughts on “The Movie: “A Most Violent Year””

  1. Thank you for this, Len, because I’d already decided to skip this movie based simply on its title. I still don’t know if I’ll see it (I don’t usually go to movies) but now, if I see it on Netflix, at least I won’t reject it out of hand.

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