Congrats to Rachael: Full Scholarship to Chapman Law School!

I am very pleased and proud to announce that our youngest daughter Rachael has been awarded a full scholarship to attend Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law in Orange, CA starting in the fall, 2015. I am thrilled with the news of her admission, but the addition of a full scholarship moves me almost to the point of speechlessness. I can only say that I am exceedingly grateful to Fowler for giving my beloved youngest child this wonderful opportunity.

Rachael is a bit overwhelmed, as well. While she was hopeful that she might qualify for a small merit-based scholarship, she was never expecting to receive that telephone call this afternoon that started with, “I have some very good news for you…” She is still pinching herself. I am doing the same!

I helped Rachael with her law school admission essays (which were excellent, by the way), and while working on them together, along with her applications, I could see just how much she truly wanted to become an attorney. She was steadfast, methodical, tenacious and single-minded about the entire admission process, and never once took her eye off the ball of making this dream into a reality. I have admired her clarity of vision. Obviously, her hard work has paid off in more ways than either of us could have expected. The only word is a strong and clear, “Hallelujah!”

So, congratulations, sweet daughter.  What a happy day.  I am thrilled for you and proud of you and couldn’t be more pleased that you will now have the chance to pursue the field that has so sparked your imagination.

Here’s to a job well done.  Hear, hear!

Rachael with some of her closest buddies,                                                                                                          who will also be very happy for her tonight.


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