Ceramics Class, Liz and the Full Moon

I am taking a first-ever ceramics class – slab, not wheel – and tonight was our third class out of ten. The teacher showed us some examples of coiled pots and here is one that I have done inspired by what she showed us.

full pot
I am proud of this pot. I love that the lines are wavy and that the shape has an organic quality.

Here is my second pot, which I made tonight.


I love the different textures on the clay. Our teacher showed us how to create texture from crumpled up newspaper or those funny diamond-shaped net bags that little oranges come in. Lots of fun.

Here is Liz, one of my two cohorts in this endeavor. Ray is the other, but I forgot to take a picture of him tonight.  Sorry, husband!


Both Liz and Ray have had a fair amount of previous art experience, unlike me. However, I must remind myself that though I haven’t had any official art classes since probably junior high school, I have spent much of my time in the realm of art since we have been so involved in antiques and design. That surely informs my “creations” to at least some degree. The truth is that I am just happy to be there every week and see what comes from getting my fingers in that clay.  This is so much better than play dough – my only other endeavor, except for crayons, in the art world.

I also snapped a picture of the full moon rising outside our classroom in east Hollywood. Here is that photo.


I am headed for bed after an enjoyable evening. Who knew that making ceramics could be so fun?  I am already looking forward to next week’s class.

Sleep well, my friends.  I hope you had a fun evening, too.

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