With a Little Help from “TED”

I watched a Ted Talk yesterday that my daughter Rachael recommended. I realized when I was watching it that though it was entitled, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” by Simon Sinek, the information could be applied to my approach to writing my novel.

The gist of Sinek’s talk is that successful companies like Apple start with “Why” they do what they do and only then go to the “How” and the “What.” Sinek believes that the “Why” appeals to our Limbic brain more than the “How” or the “What,” and is therefore the primary reason that some companies have much greater success than others in sales and creating a reason people want their products.  Most companies start with “What” and give little thought to “Why.”

Here is the link for the talk, which is fascinating and helpful:

After seeing this Ted Talk, I decided that perhaps part of my resistance to working on my novel is that I haven’t determined what my “Why?” is for my writing. So, here goes, here’s my answer:

I want to write this novel (and short stories, memoir pieces and essays) to communicate that though there is evil in our world, there are people who will, despite the opportunity to reap personal gain, put their own selfish needs aside and operate from their highest principles to allow truth, honesty and integrity to win over lies, deception and corruption.

My how: Write stories that demonstrate the worst and the best in people.

My what: Produce writing that inspires hope and optimism rather than despair and pessimism.

This is my goal…

Wish me luck.

Thanks for that link to the TED Talk, Rachael.  Clearly, I found it helpful!

Good night to all.  See you tomorrow.

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