Tired, but Happy

I am very tired. We’ve been working hard for the past three days on an estate in a multi-million dollar condo in a posh Wilshire-corridor building near Westwood. The home owner association dues are $4000/month if that gives you a clearer picture. Anyway, we’ve been rushing to get all the art, antiques and collectibles packed up and out to sell, and to also stage the condo so it can be photographed and then put on the market. We have been working against our own deadline since Ray is off to Texas tomorrow for a week to work on our projects there. The good news is that the Wilshire condo is ready. The bad news is that Ray and I are both so beat from the effort we are hoping to be asleep by no later than 9:30 tonight.

The best part of our hard work was when the woman who owes the condo came in and almost started to cry. “I just wish my husband could see how beautiful everything looks. He would be so pleased.”

She is pleased. We are pleased. The realtor is pleased. So far, so good. Next, we begin the process of selling. But that is for another day.

And now, my friends, I will bid you adieu. I have exactly 7 minutes to make that deadline for night-night time.

Until tomorrow…


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