My Very First Art Class as an Adult

I am not known for my artistic ability. I enjoy wonderful art and appreciate the skill that others bring to painting, sculpting, and pottery but producing beautiful pieces of art has never been part of my experience. That is until tonight when I attended my first art class since middle school…or maybe even elementary school and made a total of three art pieces which will be fired in a kiln at some point in the future. This is part of my birthday gift from Ray and it’s a ten week ceramic class for 3 hours every week on Tuesdays.

Here is the room:

group shot

art room

Here are two of my fellow art class attendees.

liz and ray

I am excited. I have never really just sat back and enjoyed an art class. So much to learn, but with lots of fun time added in, as well.

I am off to bed now since the class run from 6:30 – 9:30, and it now is late.

I believe my teacher will provide a great atmosphere for learning the various techniques required for creating interesting pottery.

I am looking forward to this new artistic endeavor.

Night, night, my friends.

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