Handling Estates, the Unexpected Pleasures

We are handling an estate in the Wilshire District of Westwood for a very nice woman who has recently lost her husband. Her condo is in one of the prettiest buildings on the Wilshire corridor and has a view at night that is hard to beat.

Today we worked with her, deciding which pieces of antiques, art and collectables she wanted to keep and which ones could be sold. She was a trooper through the whole thing, not getting bogged down in the decision process, but rather giving a yea or nay to each piece. This is rarely the case so it is noteworthy and also highly appreciated by us. It was such a gift that she would simply say, “I think that one would be great in my new condo,” or “I’m fine with that one going.”

I have come to see that handling estates for people who are at a major change of life creates a special relationship with those we serve. Often these clients have just lost their closest loved one, and they seem so appreciative of us helping them begin the next phase of their lives.

I would have never anticipated how satisfying this work can be. It requires not only the expected knowledge of art and antiques, but also a willingness to listen with an open heart. I find myself using my therapy training all the time in these situations, “Sounds like it’s been tough…” and Ray brings a calmness that is clearly appreciated. He often says, “You don’t have to make a decision right now. You get to take your time.” Needless to say, those words bring a relieved smile every time.

Though we have handled estates in the past, suddenly we have a whole line-up of them, which is just great. Ray and I both enjoy this work, are happy to be of service and appreciate the chance to meet new people. We also get to enjoy a beautiful view from the 24th floor of a gorgeous building. That is a perk all in itself.

Happy sleeping, my friends. I will see you tomorrow.



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