Ojai Quiet

Ray and I are at the orange grove in Ojai. The kids are all coming tomorrow for our birthday celebrations, but since we were already in Santa Barbara for business, it made since to come on over here and get settled. (Santa Barbara is 25 miles north of Ojai.). It is currently 6:54 pm, and it is already dark and quiet. Except for the occasional sound of a car off in the distance or the periodic scratch of a tree limb on our Spartan Manor, there are no other sounds.

I think our projected bedtime may be 7:30. Once here, unless we go out and make a fire, there is not much cause to go outside. The temperature is going down and is quite chilly. It will hit the low 40’s tonight before heading back up to the mid 70’s tomorrow. Besides, we can lie in bed with the lights out and see the stars.

The dogs are already settled in for the night. Ray is heading out to take a hot shower in our roofless shower house. I will have to see if I am so inclined. I am already edging towards bed.

Good night, friends. I hope you have a lovely evening. I expect we will in this quiet spot.


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