A Varied Texas House Experience

This is our last night at our house here in Texas, at least for a while. Ray will return fairly soon, but it may be a couple of months before I get back to the Lone Star State. We have had quite a time here, this round. We enjoyed a vacation house experience for our family and Liz’s boyfriend over at the Dutch Colonial Dimmit house while they were here. That house, which is directly across the street from Lyon House, will have new occupants as of February 1st. We are leasing it to a very nice couple for two years. We were pleased to experience how livable house that how is and how functional (as well as beautiful) the kitchen is.

better east wall kitchen shot

For the past several nights, we’ve been back over here at Lyon House, enjoying its 1894 atmosphere. As much as I love the light airiness of the Dimmit House, I adore the coziness of this ornate and color-saturated Victorian.

Lyon interior

Tomorrow, we pack up and head out West. I have students who expect to see me on Saturday. Am I ready to go? Not really. However, my little granddaughter is in CA, so enough said. I can’t wait to see her and the rest of the family.

Good night folks. Stay warm. It’s supposed to be a cold night for those of you who are in the states affected by the artic blast. The good news: it should be good sleeping weather.

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