Brene Brown’s Talk on Critics in LIfe

Below is a great 99 U talk by Brene Brown entitled, “Why Your Critics Aren’t the Ones that Count.”

I am gearing up for my 2015 writing goals. I found this talk, which is 21 minutes long, to be helpful. I hope you will, too.

Here is the link.

99 U has a tagline: Insights on Making Ideas Happen. If you go to the website, they also have lots of inspiring talks and articles. It is also described asĀ providing, “actionable insights on productivity, organization, and leadership to help creatives people push ideas forward.”

Here is 99 U’s link:

Let me know what you think of this information. I found it inspiring.

I am going to go lie down now and watch an evening full of TV. I am in need of putting my brain on no-think for a while.

Rest well. I will see you tomorrow.


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