Hearing Aids: A New Era

Yesterday my first cousin’s wife, Elaine, an audiologist, may have saved my marriage. She administered a hearing test after learning that my family has been complaining about my mishearing for the past year or two or three.

The gist: 2 new hearing aids that Elaine described as the equivalent of reading glasses. Not a lot of correction, but just enough to make hearing a little easier.

The look of joy on Ray’s face at the news I had arrived home with hearing aids was well worth the effort on my part to finally agree to accept Elaine’s kind help. Apparently my guessing what people have been saying has become a slight irritant to my beloved husband.

Last night I could actually hear when people spoke to me even in a noisy room and I didn’t get one look of shock when my answer didn’t match the question. (A sure indication that I have misheard.). Best was Ray’s reaction, he just looked so happy.

My children may also smile since they have taken to saying fairly routinely, “No, Mom, you misunderstood.”

I don’t know quite why I have been so resistant to this “help,” but I have been. Glasses are one thing, but they are just a fact of life when you are as new sighted as I am. Hearing aids, however, are for old people. That has been my bias, I guess. Oh well, hearing more easily is suddenly a great gift, old or not. A gift I can see I am going to enjoy.

I am happy my husband is so happy. That is icing on the cake.

Thank you, Elaine. You have performed a great service, and Ray, my kids, my students, and probably everybody I talk with regularly thanks you. I thank you most of all.

A new and better era after perhaps a little too long of straining to hear. Hooray.

Happy New Year, indeed.

3 thoughts on “Hearing Aids: A New Era”

  1. Congratulations, Len, on this life-changing gift. Yay! If we live long enough all of us are going to need one or two. Lucky for you to have a family member that you could trust to pick out the perfect pair…rather than some unknown stranger in some clinic setting who might suggest the brand that he got the highest commission on. Hey, when you get a chance, please PM me the Make and Model # of your’s so when my time comes…….which may be sooner than I’d like since about 5 years ago my audiologist at UCLA told me I’d missed a few words in the hearing test. I just wish my son would quit mumbling so I didn’t have to so often say “Speak up!” LOL!

  2. Good for you for taking the leap! I told my beloved this past weekend to let me know when the time comes if I don’t realize it myself–I don’t want to miss precious things people say to me.

    And I understand it’s a lot easier to adjust to hearing aids when you have only a mild heating loss. When I visit my 89-year- old father, his TV volume is up so high it hurts my ears, and he refuses to get tested. Oy!

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