The Platitudes I Swore I Was Going to Avoid

Here we are approaching the end of 2014 and I feel compelled to write something related to endings and new beginnings. But what? I don’t need to go back over the same old platitudes that have become so familiar that we all just skim over them. Yes, let’s savor every moment and be grateful for all the love in our lives. Absolutely. No doubt about it. That is a given. But what else?

I wish I had some wisdom to impart in the writing realm. My only comment, which is its own worn-out saw, is keep on plugging. Not original or especially helpful. Just one foot in front of the other. Lord, can I write one thing without a cliché? Apparently not, at least tonight. Still, the “plugging” phrase reflects my state of mind at the moment. Do the required writing push-ups every day and over time, there will be a positive change. Let perfectionism wither on the vine. Ironically, writing and life get better when they are accepted for what they are: imperfect offerings.

What else? Love your family, friends, neighbors, and those who may not be as familiar, but with whom you share humanity. Believe in something greater than yourself. It will bring meaning to life.

Be kind. Be considerate. Focus on the present moment. Get your ego out of the picture as best you can. Laugh. Cry. Sing. Keep mouth firmly closed more often than not. Stop taking things personally, 99% of the time they have nothing to do with you.

Appreciate good health. Make an effort to stay in good health.

Love, love, love people, places, activities, thoughts, books, all aspects of life, the unique as well as the mundane.

Accept that change is a given, that people are imperfect, that hope is the key and that trust is required to move forward.

Also, eat good food, exercise moderately, dance when you can, sing God’s praises (or the Universe’s or whatever that “greater than yourself” comprises) as much as possible, and sleep with fervor.

Hug liberally.

Okay, I can see I did nothing but offer platitudes, just as I promised I would not. Oh well. I guess this post falls squarely in the category of letting perfectionism wither on the vine. This is simply the best I can do this evening with a happy heart, but heavy eyelids. I plan to try out that advice to “savor sleep.”

Finally, get out in Nature. It will do a body good…

On that note, good night to all. I will be seeing you in the am, the very last day of 2014.


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