Church, Catfish and Books

Today, we went to church at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church where we saw old friends and met the new priest. This was the church where we went with my mother when we lived in Sherman, and it holds many memories for our family. Ray and I had our wedding blessing there, our nieces were baptised there, the memorial services for my brothers John and Jim were held there, along with my mother’s funeral. It was good to be back. I always feel as if I am held close by those long-term parishioners, who not only care about Ray and me and our girls, but who also loved my mother. That is one of the gifts of churches, they have a memory for those who have attended.

st stephen's

After church, we headed across the river to a catfish place called Windy’s. It’s a requirement when visiting here to eat catfish and barbecue at least once while here. Also, Mexican food. Windy’s served up some decent catfish, hush puppies and cole slaw, along with green tomato relish. The other nice thing about the location is that you drive right by Lake Texoma, which looked quite pretty today. So, we have a little foray into Oklahoma to get that prized catfish.


The rest of the day was the calmest I’ve had in a long time. All of us just sat and read for most of the day. There was an occasional glance at a PC to watch a show or two for a few, but I just read and read and read. The house was quiet; filled with people in different rooms sprawled out with their books or computers. No need for food since we were all sufficiently full from Windy’s. Honestly, one of the nicest days I’ve had in months.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Sunday today.

Sleep well and I’ll check back in tomorrow.

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