A Busy Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

I have made two pans of stuffed shells for Christmas Eve dinner, which we will be eating at Sarah’s house tomorrow. Sarah is at the end of a grueling rotation in Family Medicine that has required 80 – 90 hour work weeks, so we are gathering at her house since she will be too tired to make the trek too far, given that she has to work at least part of Christmas Eve, all day on Christmas Day and then one half day on Friday before she gets to rest.

I also made a peach cobbler and plan to make a banana cream pie and a pumpkin pie tomorrow morning.

Gregorio is making food as well, and Liz and Ron are bringing a salad.

I’m sure we’ll have more than enough to eat…

I am serving as an acolyte tomorrow evening at Midnight Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle in Hollywood. My family (minus Sarah, Gregorio and Luna) will be coming. I love this service. It has all the bells and smells associated with a high Anglo-Catholic mass, and it should be beautiful. The church will be decorated to the nines and the choir promises to be excellent. Plus, I have been informed that I will be one of the chalice bearers, meaning I get to help serve the wine. Needless to say, this is an honor and I am very pleased to have been asked to help.

I am serving again on Christmas Day as the thurifer. This will be my first chance to swing the thurible 360 degrees, which is required for Feast Days. My advice: go to Midnight Mass; I will simply have a tall candle and you will be safer. The thurible is where the incense goes and it’s on a long chain. I will be swinging that hot incense burner on chains as I am coming into church and leaving after the mass. I am hopeful I don’t conk more than a couple of people on the head. If you live near the church and hear the ambulance siren at approximately 10:30 am or at noon, then you’ll know what happened.


Of course, I also get to see my beloved Luna tomorrow, which makes me exceedingly happy. I can’t wait to hang out with that little sweet pea.

I am headed to bed now. I will be up early to make my pies.

Happy holidays to all and to all a good night.

St. Thomas the Apostle Decorated for Christmas

ST. Thomas

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