Photos While Orange Picking in Ojai

I was in Ojai a couple of days back and took pictures from atop a tall ladder while I picked oranges. Here are the pictures below.

Underneath the tree, looking up

inside orange tree


Ripe oranges along with green oranges for new harvest


inside tree1


Orange blossom on tree with ripe and green oranges


orange blossom

Northeastern view from the treetop

top of tree

Southeastern view

sun in clouds

Western view

little cloud1

Another northern view of the Topatopa Mountains, 6700 feet

topa topas

These mountains turn bright pink at sunset.  It is quite beautiful.

Our orange grove is right on the edge of the Los Padres National Forest, which includes the Topatopa Mountains.  This is wild country with lots of deer, coyotes and mountain lions.  Not that we’ve officially seen a mountain lion at the orange grove.  We hope to keep it that way!

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