Israel’s Independence, My Student and Me

I just concluded a marathon session with one of my UCLA students, which started at 5:30 and just ended at 12:15 am. I was helping him write a 12 page research paper referring to newspaper articles one month before and one month after Israel established itself as an independent state in 1948.

I have learned loads about this time period, the forces at play and the complications experienced by the Jews and the Arabs in Palestine at that time. It was fascinating to learn and gives me a deeper understanding of some of the issues that continue to bring strife to the region today.

My student had around 20 references for his bibliography. On top of that, footnotes were required for the paper. That calls for painstaking work, let me tell you.

I believe I’ve earned my warm bath and waiting warm bed tonight.

On that note, folks, I’m going to wrap this blog up. I am cross-eyed and a bit weary.

I am happy to report, however, that I am finished with any hard work related to my students until after the first of the year.


Sleep well, my friends. We’ll talk again tomorrow.


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