Rain Coming Again So Soon

We have been preparing today for our second experience with rain in the past ten days. We had boxes from the estates we’ve been handling that needed to be moved to safety given that we’re not only expecting lots of rain, but also some high winds.

It felt slightly odd to be scurrying about anticipating this precipitation since rain has become so rare. But there were storm clouds on the horizon at dusk and the temperature has dropped. I believe the storm is due to arrive around 2 am.

No worries, we are ready. Everything that was outside is now safely under a roof, a stack of fire logs is ready and waiting, and there’s plenty of food in the kitchen to keep us fed for several days. Not that we’re expecting weeks of rain, of course. We have the storm arriving early tomorrow morning for an all-day soaking, and then there could be rain again on Monday and Tuesday. Yahoo.

I would have never thought I could be so excited by rain. I have always enjoyed the pitter-patter of a shower, of course, and being from Texas, I love thunderstorms, but it’s only in its absence that I am aware of the thrill of feeling/seeing/hearing rain falling. Nothing like a drought to make you appreciate water falling from the sky.

Certainly that lesson can easily be extended to other aspects of life. Those who haven’t felt love in a long time are usually the first to report the pure pleasure of someone’s presence; those who haven’t eaten, relish food; those who haven’t slept, celebrate sleep. What has been withheld is received back with open arms and glad hearts. The prodigal son. A father welcomes his son back to his home after a long absence with no concern for any of the reasons the son left in the first place. Gratitude abounds.

Gratitude is what I’m feeling now about this rain. A feeling of thankfulness that our parched state will receive more water to nourish the plants, clean off the dust, and, hopefully, replenish waterways. Every bit counts.

I hope to wake up in the middle of the night to the soft sound of rain falling outside my window.

Anticipated bliss.


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