Ready to Hit the Sack

I am sitting here tonight at 8:37 already ready to go to bed. In fact, I’m in bed, just not ready for bed yet. I still have to go downstairs, close the back door and turn off lights, then come upstairs and take a bath and brush my teeth. Ray and I have been out all day with an early morning trip to Ojai and then on to Santa Barbara to see one of the people for whom we’ve been handling an estate. On the way back, we stopped at Costco and then also had to pick up the final item left at our friend Peter’s house since that house was officially sold today. The realtor texted right after closing and told us that Pete’s house had sold a lot faster because of our excellent work. That was nice to hear. She also assured us that she planned to work with us again, which was even nicer to hear.

I will have trouble getting in my whole 20 minutes of writing. I am going to be happy with any amount of writing tonight since I literally am falling asleep writing this.

I think I’ll bid you adieu until tomorrow. Time to head down and turn off the lights!

Good night and see you tomorrow.


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