Sleep, Work and Rain

Today I took another 2 hour nap. I realize this may not seem newsworthy, but it is for me. I rarely take the time for that level of luxury and it was a lovely treat. I had lots of vivid dreams.

Better yet, I woke up to the sound of raindrops plunking on the air conditioner cover right outside my window. A sound I have not heard in months. Aw…such sweetness. We are having an actual rainy day today. We are even due for more rain in the next couple of days. I believe I can speak for all Angelenos here. We are happy to hear, taste, touch, smell and see precipitation. We are in sore need.

Tonight I am back to work with final edits on college essays due tomorrow, December 1st. I am refreshed and happy so there are no drawbacks. I am glad to help finish up this work so these deserving students have exciting college options.

Now, I have one more piece to edit and then I will go off to bed. I will be happy to crawl between the sheets and listen again for the raindrops outside my window.

I have always loved rain; now I relish its presence. Life-giving comes to mind. No truer than in the middle of a drought. All I want to do is lie down and listen. It is as though each drop brings with it a little healing.

Good night, my friends. Talk tomorrow. Until then, those of you in LA will no doubt be doing what I am doing. Savoring the rain.


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