A Sleepy Day

This has been one of those do-nothing days, just hanging out and recovering from a cooking marathon yesterday for our belated Thanksgiving. My nephew, Jim, and his family are here and we also had visits from Liz, Rachael and Luna. We watched television, ate left-overs and chatted. No work, no duties. Just pure relaxation. Luna and I even took a nap together for an hour or so.

I am happy to have an occasion to relax like this. I’ve been very busy over the past several months and it felt great today to unplug completely. I think everyone felt the same way. Everybody has busy day-to-day lives and it’s nice to just stop. Even 11-year-old Sophie, my great-niece, said, “This is really nice. My schedule is so packed at home between soccer, school and homework, I almost never just sit and relax.”

Tomorrow, my relatives head back to Utah in the morning. That marks the return to “normal” life. I have students late in the afternoon and early in the evening. December 1 is the deadline for several colleges and so I’ll help finish up on a few last-minute essays.

I’m glad we have holidays – whether religious or national – to mark different times of the year. They break up the day-to-day routine and allow time to spend with family and friends. That is time well spent.

I hope you all had a respite over these past few days. We have December right around the corner. Hard to believe, but true.

Happy post-Thanksgiving


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