The Homeless, Scholastic and Stanford

I have had a busy day. First, the Breakfast Club this morning, bright and early at 6. We had a big crowd of diners so we were busy preparing homemade bread pudding with fresh blueberries, scrambled eggs, corn beef hash, freshly sliced roasted potatoes, grilled onions and green peppers, and melon slices. The food we serve is a treat for everyone, diners and volunteers alike. We receive food from a food bank and we never know what’s coming so we arrive the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month with an open attitude and a creative spirit. We supplement what we’ve received with store-bought items, but we try our best to use as much of the donated food as possible. Today, we weren’t quite sure what to do with the cornbread stuffing mix we received, but have decided that for the Breakfast Club close to Christmas, we’ll serve it with sliced turkey, eggs, and cranberry sauce. Surely that will be a treat even at 8 am!

After the Breakfast Club, I came home for 3 1/2 hours of students. These were my fiction writers today and they are editing stories to submit for the Scholastic Artists and Writers contest whose deadline is mid-December. Over the past 10 years, I’ve had students receive state and regional awards for their fiction and/or essay writing, and I have also had two students who have won Silver medals on the national level. These are especially fabulous since all national winners and their writing teachers are honored at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Needless to say, this is a thrill.

After those students, off I went to a Discernment Committee at St. Thomas. I am part of a group of parishioners who are meeting for one year with a young woman who believes she wants to be a priest. We are the first step in the discernment process, and she has to have our group’s approval before proceeding. We are a little bit over halfway through the process. This is my third time to serve on a discernment committee. So far, so good.

Finally, I returned for one more student who is writing essays to submit for a competitive summer program for high school students who are interested in the medical field. This particular program is at Stanford and is extremely impressive since these high school students get hands-on experience learning all about cardiothoracic surgery. They don’t actually work on live people, but they spend a lot of time suturing a porcine heart. (I believe that is a pig heart, yes?) Anyway, it’s one of the best programs in the country and my student is hopeful he will be accepted. I am helping him write two essays he’ll be submitting.

So, with all that excitement for today coming to an end, I believe I’ll wrap up my 20 minutes a day of writing and head up to bed. I might watch a little tv before dozing off.

Happy weekend to all.

Live long and prosper.

Some of our Breakfast Club Kitchen Staff.

That’s daughter Liz in the dark blue and Ray right behind her.


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