Urgent Care for Luna Today

Our little Luna made a trip with her mom and dad to Urgent Care today. She was very congested with a rattling chest. The doctor did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia – which she does not have – but told Sarah and Gregorio to take her to the emergency room if she starts having any more trouble. She also has an ear infection. They also did two breathing treatments on her and sent her home with several medications.

We went out to check on her this evening. She was pale and a lot less enthusiastic than usual, but she was still open to playing with her Mr. Potato Head and putting together her barnyard puzzle. She could make all the sounds of the animals on a farm when Gregorio quizzed her and she also requested that I give her a bath, which I did. She sat in the bath and said, “Happy.” She loves stretching out in their big tub and almost swimming through the water. Her breathing seemed to get a bit more labored, though, so we didn’t linger for a long time. I dried her off, covered her in lotion, got a new diaper on her and her pj top. She looked sleepy after that so we said good-night. Sarah and Gregorio said they got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Hopefully, tonight will be better for everyone.

Our friend and priest, Ian Elliott Davies, cancelled an engagement so he could come check on Luna and say a prayer for her. That was an awfully sweet thing for him to do.

Needless to say, we all adore this child.  We will be happier when she is back to her healthy little self.  She is a little fountain of love in all of our lives.

I am heading to bed. We’ve had one of those disjointed days with a dozen very different things happening. Maybe tomorrow will flow just a bit better.

Of course, it has everything to do with Luna feeling better. If she is, the I expect we’ll all move out of “Tilt” and back into balance.


4 thoughts on “Urgent Care for Luna Today”

  1. Awww, Len….what an absolutely SPECIAL gorgeous adorable little sweetheart you have there. Sure hope she starts feeling much better soon. When baby doesn’t feel good, nobody feels good. It’s like that is all you can think about and everything else is incidental. Hugs, Marcy

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