Listing eBay Items: Settling into a Rhythm

Ray and I have been listing eBay items for the past several hours. It is pleasant enough work what with Neil Young singing in the background as we research, list and photograph the various items we’ve designated for today’s work. We are putting a range of items on from the two estates we’re handling.

I think I’m getting faster at this. There is definitely a learning curve. Ray has been doing it longer and is more adept at it. I’m getting there. It is like anything new, there is a heightened awareness of just how slow and plodding the process is at first. However, even now, I am starting to settle into a rhythm and can visualize a time when I can sit down and just go into “eBay mode,” just listing away in a Zen sort of mindset.

If you want to see our handiwork, then click the link below. I wish there were an easier way to direct you, but at this point, there doesn’t appear to be. We are exploring an eBay store, but so far we only have a site. Not sure the difference, but I’ll know more fairly soon.

Here’s the link:

Hope your evening is a happy one. I am sitting here with my feet up so life can’t be too awfully hard at the moment.

See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Listing eBay Items: Settling into a Rhythm”

  1. Thanks, Tess. Ray has done much of it and we have our daughter, Rachael, helping us. I am the slow one in the group since I have my students and my attention is divided. Glad you liked the pieces.

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