A Publication!

I am happy to report that one of my memoir pieces, My Mother’s Pain, has been accepted for the 2014 True Words Anthology. This is the story of my mother’s reaction after she learned that my oldest brother, John, had been diagnosed with AIDS.

I am not sure of the protocol of sharing my work on my blog once it is accepted for publication. I certainly will share it at some point, but I believe it’s appropriate for me to wait until after the anthology comes out.

I am glad to add another publishing credit to my writing resume. That always feels good. I believe I wrote that piece for my blog a couple of years back and then revised it before submitting it recently . I have had several pieces published in print and online journals after first writing and sharing them here.

The process of producing work every day for my blog necessitates that most of what I put here is pure first draft. I have not gone back through and done more than a cursory editing. Often, later when I have time, I go back to a piece, rework it and then go through the submission process. So far, this has proven fruitful for several pieces of flash fiction pieces and flash memoir. My goal is to get better at regularly submitting, but that might need to be for the winter months when life shows down.

Anyway, I am pleased that my piece was accepted. It is always validating to have an editor’s approval and to reach a wider reading audience. So, hooray!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend and is enjoying their Sunday night. I’ll be talking with you again tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “A Publication!”

  1. Congratulations! our hard and consistent work has paid off! I know many more of your essays will be published in the future.

  2. Next thing we know you’ll be riding in a convertible down Time Square Boulevard being showered with confetti and streamers, trombones playing and people chanting “Len” “Len” “Len”! Congratulations, dear friend. You continue to be a beacon to me and many others, for which we are all forever grateful. Keep on trucking, Mamacita!!

  3. Congratulations Len. I’ll be interested to read it when it is published. Thankfully my Mother never had to deal with that. I waited until she died in 1992 before I told any of the family. I just knew she would not be able to handle it well at all.

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