A Quick Write Ramble

I am sitting with Oona. It is almost 8 pm. She is my last student of the day, which began at 8 am. I did have a few breaks. I made vegetable soup, cornbread and cookies during one of my breaks. I love vegetable soup. There’s something very satisfying about it, particularly in the fall. The weather is cooling. We are moving into real fall, I think, now after too much hot weather. I’m glad. I’m ready to pull out some sweaters and long pants after some seriously hot summer days.

What else? I have almost nothing to say of any merit. I have been working long hours. I have been sleeping when I’m not working. I don’t have lots of fun stories to tell right now. I am looking forward to not working so much. That is all basic and simple and rest will come in the next few weeks as the college essays all finish up and life settles back down.

Tomorrow I get to see my beloved little Luna. We are going out to visit for part of the day. I suspect I’ll get to see her Halloween costume, which will be a treat. Poor Rachael is sick. Unfortunately, she has triple exposure since she works with three little kids who, of course, are little incubators for every cold and virus floating around. She had a temperature today and reported she didn’t feel much better tonight. Hopefully, we can bring a little cheer when we visit tomorrow.

Ray is still recovering from his sinus infection he developed from the ragweed in Texas. He is still coughing a lot and also is dragging around clearly not feeling well. That doesn’t mean he has stopped working, but I did insist he only work from bed today. He needs the rest.

So, now Oona has gone and I am finished with students for the day. I still need to read the 20 minutes of writing from my students in my online class and comment on that writing. That is actually fun so I am not unhappy. Besides, this is Week 3 of a 4 week class, so this, too, will be ending soon.

It’s the last day of October tomorrow. Wow. I can’t believe we are almost into November. Where did the time go? I must say that time is speeding up and going faster and faster. A whirl of activity.

Good night, my friends. See you tomorrow for Halloween. I hope all is well in your lives.


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