Ojai Day

Today Ray and I got up early and headed for Ojai. We needed to get there for a meeting at 8:30 am with one of our land partners. The day was clear and chilly – 48 degrees when we arrived – but also lovely as the sun rose, birds flew and the air warmed.

We had our meeting, which was successful – hooray – and then we went to the local junk store where we were picking up a piece of old oak furniture that we had bought. While there, we bought a few other pieces since we are having a garage sale soon and these things will add more interest to the sale. Plus, one must never forget the admonition: “You can’t sell from an empty wagon.”

From there we ran to the bank, to the post office, had lunch, then got our hair cut. Yes, it was one of those days filled with necessary activities that make life run more smoothly.

We arrived back home in time for me to meet with one of my students for 2 hours. Another college essay completed. Yes!

And now, I am going to bed. We have had a long good day and now it’s time to rest.

Sleep well, my friends. I will see you again tomorrow.

Dawn, Ojai Arcade

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