Ray and Ragweed – It Ain’t Pretty

Ray is upstairs and I can hear him coughing and hacking away. This will be a short entry since I think my husband might appreciate my presence since he doesn’t feel well. The culprit: Texas ragweed. He just returned after five days in Texas and he is highly allergic. He took Flonase the whole time he was there to combat ragweed’s effects, but, alas, he is sick. This is no surprise. Ragweed is, in fact, one of the primary reasons we moved to LA from Texas. Ray was spending at least 4 months of every year miserable with allergic reactions to the stuff. Here he has none of these problems. Ironically, I’m the one with allergies here, mainly to roses.

So, I think I’ll go up and keep him company. Poor guy. It’s no fun to feel sick. Unfortunately, this stuff goes straight to his lungs and he coughs and coughs and coughs.

It might be a long night…


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