I am sitting with my student, George, who is in 7th grade at Hawthorne Middle School in Beverly Hills. We are doing a timed writing. He still has his cast on his arm, though the green is fading on the gauze and the edges are dirty. I imagine he is really ready to get that thing off. He mentioned last time that it was itchy. I imagine it is even itchier now. He tells me he has 5 more days to go.

Today is Thursday and Ray will be returning tomorrow from Texas after being there since Monday. He will arrive late tomorrow afternoon. I have been so busy with students and eBay that I haven’t had much time to miss him; however, I’m glad he’ll be coming back home. Of course, I would have much preferred if I could have gone with him to Texas, but this is not the time of year for me to disappear for a week. Deadlines are fast approaching for many students with their college essays and graduate personal statements and they would feel completely abandoned if I planned a getaway right now. Still, I hope it’s not too long before I am headed back to Texas, too. This is the longest period I haven’t been there (since early July) in several years now.

There is a lot of construction around my house at the moment. They are doing a 10 million dollar renovation across the street on the 14-story condo, which looks as if it was built in the early 1970’s. Dozens of workers arrive every morning, and parking all along the street is packed until 4 when they head home. They arrive at 6:30 every morning just to secure good parking, and Ray has taken to setting his alarm at 6 in order to park at least one car out on the street so we can come and go more easily out of our driveway. If he doesn’t, then we have to go a couple of blocks to find a parking place. I have also gotten up a couple of times this week and moved cars. However, since I haven’t needed to go anywhere two days this week, I’ve gotten to sleep just a little bit later.

There is also construction on the house directly behind us. The workers appear to be building a new second floor room. They have their radio on from 8 to 3 while they work. Luckily, I like their choice of music. Apparently, the recession woes are receding. Money is going back into construction and renovation. That might bode well for our future since two of Ray’s many skills center on interior/exterior design.
Of course, we have diversified over the past couple of years so we are no longer dependent on that income stream. Still, it never hurts to know there are lots of choices. Life always feels easier with choices.

I am writing after a very long day. Again, I look forward to bath and bed at a relatively early hour. I hate being so predictable, but those are two undeniable pleasures right now in my life. Besides, Rachael is arriving at 6 am to work on her personal statement for law school. Aw, the beat goes on…

Happy Thursday to all. I hope you’re all having a lovely evening.

Until tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings”

  1. Sigh. I’ve always disliked construction because of the noise and inconvenience. Buildings must be maintained, torn down or newly built and we can always be certain there will be more noise in our lives. Sigh. XD

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