Today: Hour by Hour

I am sitting in a quiet house after a very long day of students. It is dark outside and the air is cool. It is 7:54 pm and I am contemplating heading right upstairs, taking a warm bath and going straight to bed.

This is how my day went today. I am not complaining since I know this comes with the time of year it is, but I am glad I have made it through.

8 am: My first student arrived to work on his law school personal statement. It went well and we reached a point where we agreed to stop for the day after 1.5 hours.

9:30: A break to eat breakfast, look over some bills, and pay a few online.

10:30: My second student came to work on her graduate school sociocultural autobiography. We agreed she would stay until we were at a stopping place for the day. That was 2.5 hours later.

1:00 pm Time for a bowl of microwaved rice and a discussion with the FedEx man who was returning a music box that we were trying to ship to a man who bought it in Alaska. Oh boy. That is tomorrow’s worry since the FedEx man pointed at a number to call and said, “I just deliver’em, ma’am. I can’t help with much more.”

1:30 pm: My third student arrived to work on a college essay contrasting art from three different periods in history. We gathered lots of information so that we can proceed on Thursday.

3:30 pm: My fourth student arrived to work on a book report on the girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark a few years back. We wrote a letter from the shark to an advice columnist asking how to let the girl know he (the shark) was truly sorry. We also wrote a letter from the advice columnist to the shark advising him on a few strategies. (Yes, this was fun.)

5:00 pm: My fifth student arrived and we went over three units of vocabulary that he is learning in his AP English class. There were at least two words that I didn’t know. Who has ever heard of the word perspicacity (keenness of judgment) or adventitious
(accidental)? I certainly haven’t. And, yes, I do learn right along with my students.

6:00 pm: My sixth student was due to arrive and I ran in to grab something to eat. I waited and waited and then went to my phone to check our texts to one another. That is when I discovered that I never sent the text from me confirming today from 6 to 8. Can I admit my heart did a little song and dance? I could now wrap up for the day. I texted the girl, apologized, then began working on my responses to my online classes 20 minutes a day writings for today.

7:54 pm – I decided to write my blog for the day so I could officially be finished. I am now almost done. It is 8:18 pm.

I realize many people go out and do hard labor over the course of their day. I am aware that my day may not look as strenuous as that. However, there is something a bit tiring about staying focused in a one-on-one interaction, one person after the other. That is part of what I love about my job; it is also part of what makes it a bit challenging at times.

On that note, I will bid you adieu. Sleep well, my friends. I hope to do the same.

Time Running Out

4 thoughts on “Today: Hour by Hour”

  1. Yes, Tess, it can be tiring. Of course, I am energized by the people I see, who are all very dear. Plus, I love learning, which I do a lot of with these varied projects. I had a great night’s sleep, by the way.

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