2nd Night in Ojai

I am sitting in a parked car with my computer. It is pitch dark all around me. The only light is the computer screen. I can hear Ray, Chanel and Jeff laughing around the campfire. I have been responding to my online class’s comments on 20 Minutes of Writing a Day for 1 Month. Today was the end of Week One for them, and I needed to give them my responses before they take their one day off for the week.

Today, we attended Ojai Day in downtown Ojai.  Lots of tents with all sorts of arts and crafts to look at, plus food galore.  We walked, talked, ate and generally had a fun time.  I bought lots of books at the library sale.  My motto: when in doubt, buy a book.

I think it’s time for me to leave this dark car and go rejoin the party.  A spaghetti sauce that I made is simmering on the camp stove.  It’s time to go cook up the pasta and eat.

I wish you all a happy Saturday night.

I am thrilled to be here. This has been a wonderfully relaxing day today. I am looking forward to sleeping in the orange grove tonight while the trees are watered. It will sound like rain…

Good night, my friends.


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