College Essays, Online Classes and A New Car for Liz

I am grateful to have the work, but I am tired. I have been working straight since noon (it’s 8:30) with students on college essays, law school essays, and letters for special scholars programs. My back is aching from being bent over the computer and my mind is less that clear. I’m glad there isn’t one more student or else that poor person might have an essay filled with incomprehensible sentences.

I am also teaching an online class where my students (only 4) write every day for 20 minutes and submit their work for one month. My only job is to read what they submit and comment – no line editing – and I must say that I’m enjoying this process. It’s not tough to read 20 minutes of writing by these four lovely women, one of whom is my beloved former student, Madison, who is now a student at Georgetown University. Just getting to read her writing every day is a treat since we are old friends by now since I have worked with her since she was in 4th or 5th grade and now she’s a sophomore in college. That kind of relationship is hard to replace.

I just got the word via text that daughter Elizabeth is now the proud new owner of a 2014 Ford Focus from Galpin Ford. Hooray. All this evening while I’ve been working with students, Liz and her dad have been out car shopping once again. I am delighted to hear this news. This means Liz has a reliable new car and I get my car back since it’s been the loaner. But the best part is there is no more car shopping. Yes! So, congratulations to Liz and her dad for making this purchase happen. I am pleased all round.

On that note, I will bid you adieu. I think I’ll just curl up under the table and go to sleep. I have a student arriving at 8 am so that might be the best approach.

Good night to all.

'I can't read a word of this essay of yours. Excellent work.'

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