Stumbling onto a New Blog Template

I have been fooling around with the look of my blog. I actually prefer the option I had before, but, of course, I can’t find that now. Oh well, a little change never hurt anybody, especially me, who is someone who can get a bit mired in the status quo.

I don’t know if shifting to another blog format creates as much trouble for other people as it does me, but I find it frustrating trying to figure out the new configurations. My problem is that I’m thinking, “An eight-year-old could probably do this faster.” Alas, I haven’t actually tested that theory out. Maybe a 12-year-old; no, definitely a 12-year-old. As for me, I just have to accept that I am a slow, but sure learner in this area, which requires at least a modicum of computer savvy. The gist: I still have all sorts of nuances to work out so that my new blog is as roamable as my last. Not the fastest horse in the West, that is one description of me teasing out the info on a WordPress blog template. Oh well, I will figure it out. It just may be in a few week’s time…

I am now off to bed. Good night, my friends. I hope your widgets are where they are supposed to be and are working properly. I just wish mine were!

Sleep well.



2 thoughts on “Stumbling onto a New Blog Template”

  1. Len, are you kidding? I am so envious of your blogging abilities. I do not even know how to begin. One day I am going to hire a twelve year old to teach me everything I might actually use some day.

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