Doing What Needs To Be Done

I have been organizing all my bills and billing today. A satisfying process. I decided I needed to make a list of all of our bills and include all the passwords to the websites so that if Ray ever needed to handle this stuff, he wouldn’t be completely lost. I do all the paying of bills in our household; he does a lot of other paperwork related things. Anyway, I am happy to have everything neatly categorized and organized and ready to be perused when needed.

It’s interesting how embracing something so fundamental can bring such satisfaction. I am reminded of a particular type of therapy developed in Japan, specifically dealing with OCD. This is called Morita Therapy and the main tenet: Do what needs to be done. Nothing too complicated about that. If the bills need to be organized, then organize them. If the trash needs to go out, then take it out. Don’t sit and lament how awful it is you have to do these things, just do them and move forward. This organizing day was my day heeding that advice.

I am now tired so I will do what makes sense to do right now – head to bed.

On that note, I’ll bid you all adieu. I hope you all had a productive and happy day.


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