Car Wreck in Downtown LA

I am very grateful that my daughter Elizabeth is alive and well today after being involved in an auto accident yesterday in downtown LA. A young woman came out of a side street (with a stop sign) as Liz was driving down the road and wham! That was it. Luckily, the young woman is okay, too. She was in a Mini-Cooper and Liz “t-boned” her car, so without air bags the story might not have had a happy ending for either of them. The insurance company has already ruled it the young woman’s fault so at least we don’t have that to worry about. The next question is whether or not Liz’s car is totaled. Apparently, there is a good chance it is. Ultimately, that is not important. The insurance company takes it from here. But I am struck with just how precious life is and how little it takes to shift from the status quo to getting a phone call and hearing the words, “Hi, Mom, I’m okay, but…”

I am just happy to have heard that sweet voice saying those words.

Easy it does it, folks. None of us are in that big of a hurry…

Liz with her daddy


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