Ready for the Realtor

Peter’s house is staged and we are meeting with the realtor in the morning. We still have some finish work to do in reference to clearing out boxes in the storage room and garage, but all the cleaning, painting, landscaping, and decorating are finished and the house looks warm, open and inviting.

Ray just moaned next to me, not because he is in pain, but just because he’s so tired. I’m tired, too. I wasn’t sure we were going to finish tonight (we left at 7:20 after arriving this morning at 10). But we managed to get every room cleaned and decorated, then we went outside and hauled away all the extra stuff that no longer needed to be in the house.

I think Peter would be extremely pleased. There is a nice fresh coat of paint in the master bedroom, living room and dining room plus every room now has a combination of Pete’s furniture plus furnishings we brought to create a more rounded look. In addition, the outside is gorgeous with new landscaping, along with a new set of outdoor furniture that we brought to provide a comfortable place to sit, eat and talk on the deck.

Yes, I admit I am a bit sore, but that’s okay since everything has turned out so well. All in all, I’d have to say this has been a truly satisfying experience.


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